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I met Demi on April 17th, best day ever!

@ddlovato: Sometimes I look back and wish I would’ve realized I never had to drink or use to have fun.. I laugh more sober than I ever did wasted.

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It's not all about your image. None of it means anything unless people see who you really are. And your music has to be who you really are. It's gotta show how you feel, or it doesn't mean anything.

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ok, i’ll still post more demi and also, i’ll post 5h (not selena -but maybe sometimes hehe-)
thanks for answering! (:


lol ok

hey, would you mind if i post other celebrities on this blog (like selena or fifth harmony?

(i’ll still post demi, mostly of the post will be about her, so don’t worry)(if you don’t want it i don’t have any problem)?

nghtingalez: please check my blog? thanks

sure! :)

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